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97% of the internet users information is exposed.

Is your information exposed? Check now.

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Millions of websites are trying to compromise your information

Services to insure internet privacy and make the internet a better and safe place to be on.

Removal Policies

Get all the content removed about you from the Google Searches which you don’t want to make public.

Extortion Websites

Ripoff reports removal to counter attacks from your haters and maintain your online reputation.

Complaint websites

A service which guarantees mugshots removal from the internet so that no one knows the mistakes you didn’t meant to make.

Other websites

Negative Reviews, Hate Website, Consumer Complaints etc. removal to smash slaps on the faces of the people who are jealous of you and making their efforts to defame you, negligible.

30% of the businesses have negative online complaints

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We are helping people to manipulate internet information and giving a second chance to start a fresh.

Every second you are on the internet, your privacy is compromized.

We believe in internet neutrality. The idea behind Erase Internet came beacuse you will never read a negative news about giant businessmen, politicians, rich people and other powerful people because they are hiring big firms and expert managers to control the outcoming information to the public.
It is all up to you to think if this is wrong or right but what we believe is if they are able to do this, why should a common man suffer from a mistake he didn’t meant to make.
We are helping thousands of business owners and individuals to remove negative information about them on the internet and helping them have a better, second chance.

Is my private information public ?

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People are happy with their information secured.

Making life easy for millions

My business was ruined due to fake negative reviews on consumer complaints. I had not made a single sale in 6 months. Erase Internet team helped me with removing those negative reviews and improve my online reputation 9 months ago. Now I have a well established business and life is on a good track.

Jack                                    hello

Some guy downloaded my photos from facebook and started posting on adult websites. My collegues, neighbours and even my family members started to doubt on me. I was very depressed. Then my friend told me about and they removed all the adult website results instantly from the internet. I am very thankful.

Selina                                  hello

In Real Estate Business, all you have is reputation. My reputation was on top until one day I found more than 20 ripoff reports about me on the internet posted by same person. I contacted ripoff report but they asked a lot of amount to remove those fake reports. I was shocked. Then I found these guys affordable, fast and helpul service.

Stacy                                  hello

We Respect Someone’s Right to Privacy and We Want Them to Know it.

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